“I Need Help” – Omah Lay Opens Up About His Battle With Addiction

"I Need Help" - Omah Lay Opens Up About His Battle With Addiction

When Omah Lay released the video for ‘I’m A Mess,’ his fans thought the song was a fictional work of art, but the singer has seemingly confirmed the track to be his reality.

Omah Lay, real name Omah Didia, has, in a question-and-answer session on Twitter, revealed he has an addiction he is struggling to overcome. The exceptional artist said he had no advice to a fan sought his knowledge about overcoming addiction because he needed help.

A fan who thought Omah Lay had overpowered his addiction asked for advice on how young people can conquer addiction. “Your advice for young lads dealing with drugs and how did you overcome your own addiction @Omah_Lay,” the fan wrote.

Responding, Omah Lay added that three people are aware of the addiction he is battling. “I’m still dealing with mine lol, and only about 3 people on earth know what it is. I need help too,” the musician shared.

In the lyrics for ‘I’m A Mess,’ Omah Lay hinted at some of his addictions. “But I don’t know what’s over me. I’m overthinking everything. At times, it feels like nobody can understand the way I feel coz I am fucked up totally. I don’t know how to keep company. So I’ve been drinking cognac,” Omah Lay sings.

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