Yina Goh Biography: Early Life, Career, Age, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth, Wedding Photo

Who is Yina Goh?

Yina Goh, who was born on August 3, 1987, is the creative force behind the successful online blog and social media pages as well as the 2010 fashion business Velvet Doll. She is a well-known entrepreneur, blogger, and social media influencer.

Yina Goh, who has a passion for haute couture, has been named one of Singapore’s most influential fashion bloggers by local and foreign online publications and blogs.

Yina Goh has developed a talent for finding the greatest materials and transforming them into fashionable pieces.

What do you know about Yina Goh? Well, JustforAfrica uncovers every detail!

Yina Goh Biography: Age, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth, Wedding Photo, Shop, Blog, Plastic Surgery, Partner, New Boyfriend, Divorce Reason

Early Life & Education

On August 3rd, 1987, Yina Goh was born in Singapore. She graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2007 after majoring in digital media design. She had previously attended Zhonghua Secondary School and received her diploma there in 2003. She is from a four-person family that includes one male and three girls.

Yina Goh worked as a digital artist and illustrator at Imaginary Friends Studio from 2006 to 2008 after receiving her degree from Nanyang Polytechnic. She then spent a year working for herself as a freelance comic colorist.

Due to her overweight physique, Yina Goh reportedly recounted experiencing bullying and having difficulties in high school. She once admitted that some people mistake her for her mother because of how much she resembles her.

She claims that she has always been a daddy’s girl.

Personal Life

In January 2015, Yina Goh married Jerry Peh, her first love. They met at The Ark Music Cafe, where her students participated in a singing competition.

Jerry Peh was working part-time as the cafe’s manager at that time. In a blog post published on May 29, 2017, Yina Goh declared that she and Jerry Peh had ended their relationship.

Yina Goh confirmed her engagement with Kenneth Loh in an Instagram post on March 7, 2022. While on vacation in Paris, the latter proposed to Yina Goh.


As a freelance vocalist, Yina Goh has sung at weddings and performances at local bars like Switch by Timbre, China One, CM-PB, Unplugged, and Acid Bar. She also used to perform and compete with the SYC Ensemble Singers while traveling worldwide.

The Velvet Dolls is a local retailer of women’s clothes that Yina Goh started in 2010. She wanted a brand that produces simple and memorable dresses, a brand that “dresses girls up so that they look great and feel even better.”

Yina Goh‘s goal is to make dresses that are both beautiful and easy to wear. She wants her customers to feel confident and comfortable in her dresses and to be able to wear them on any occasion.

Velvet Dolls dresses are made of high-quality materials designed to flatter the wearer’s figure. The dresses are available in a range of sizes. Yina Goh is a well-taught fashion designer and pattern maker.

Full Name: Yina Goh
Born: 3 August 1987 (age 35 years old)
Place of Birth: Singapore
Nationality: Singaporean
Height: 1.63 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: 3
Husband • Spouse: Jerry Peh (m. 2015-2017)
Boyfriend • Partner: Kenneth Loh
Children: N/A
Occupation: Businesswoman • Musician
Net Worth: $7 million

Net Worth

Yina Goh‘s net worth is estimated at $7 million. This includes her fashion brand, which she founded in 2010. Her brand is known for its sophisticated and modern designs. The brand has been worn by celebrities and featured in different magazines.

Yina Goh has said that she wants her brand to be accessible to everyone, and her affordable prices reflect that. Despite this, her clothes are still made with high-quality materials and construction.

Yina Goh is a self-made millionaire, and her success inspires many. She is proof that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Yinagoh
  • Twitter handle: N/A

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